Choose for yourself or …?

Why is it so hard to live and choose for ourselves – even if it is a worthy cause we are pursuing?
In “The Next Generation” a woman had to choose between being with the man she loved or helping the underground movement to free the country, or planet. Is this a choice between creating a family and a worthy cause, or between two kinds of altruism or between genes and an individual growing path?

When we are faced with such a dilemma, the choice is not self-evident. Cultures still presuppose women to have children and therefore be there for them. To choose for their own selves and their passion, for women is still not regarded as the ‘natural’ thing to do. It is not regarded as the first thing to do. Just because a woman’s body can grow children doesn’t automatically mean that it should be the first thing for her to do, nor the only thing.

Culture has come to accept at an increasing pace – enforced by the economic changing times – that it is vital for women to fight for themselves. The ‘financially secure belly’ is not a self-evident possibility anymore. Women need all their strength and brainpower to aim at growth for themselves and accomplishing their goals.